Prevention is better than cure

Preventative maintenance is regular pre-planned work to ensure that your air conditioning is working at optimum performance, meaning the best air management solution for your business, equipment and people as well as maximum efficiency.

As a result of regularly maintained equipment is the reduced potential for equipment failure, saving you time and money. Whether you choose a fully inclusive maintenance package or a one-off service or call out you can expect a highly qualified engineer to attend your premises, complying with current F Gas legislation and accredited with the safe contractor scheme.

Air management systems can deliver significant cost savings for business through greater energy efficiency, but failure to properly maintain your system can adversely impact the financial benefits.

At FEL, we believe that completing an air management installation project is the start of our work rather than the end. We can design and deliver a maintenance package that is specific to your system and minimises your ongoing maintenance costs and resource requirement.

We can look after your system, including remote monitoring in some cases, to ensure that your building’s air management is always operating at its best. In taking a proactive approach to maintenance, we can also alert you to performance trends and correct potential faults before they happen to reduce downtime, disruption and unexpected future costs.

During a routine maintenance visit, we will check:

  • that the thermostat is set and working correctly
  • refrigerant levels and test for leaks
  • all condensate seals for leakage
  • operation of electrical controls
  • that all fan blades are clean and in order, so the motors aren’t overworked
  • air flows with measuring and testing
  • clean and tighten electrical connections
  • clean or replace filters
  • clean condenser coils
  • lubricate the system where necessary.