Keep your cool with energy-efficient refrigeration

Understanding the science of how products and processes should be the cooled is the key to achieving effective and efficient refrigeration for any kind of industrial or retail premises.

Our experienced refrigeration system designers and engineers benefit from more than four decades of Foster Environmental experience in appreciating the effect of other heat sources like electrical equipment, sunlight and people on the refrigeration process and how, in turn, conditioned cold air moves and is distributed.

Having a knowledge of how those factors interact to create particular temperature and humidity levels, enables our team to manipulate them to create the perfect conditions for your business’ specific use, such as keeping foodstuffs cold.

When it comes to refrigeration, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all; it’s rare to find two occasions when identical solutions are called for, but that doesn’t matter to Foster Environmental. We have the experience necessary to design, implement and maintain the right solution for any refrigeration application.

It’s worth remembering though that despite every application being different, the objective is always the same: to create the optimum environmental conditions for any activity in the most energy-efficient way possible. At Foster Environmental, we firmly believe that maintaining the correct temperature should be a benefit, not a cost burden.