Keep your cool with a bespoke system

While the air management objectives of many businesses are the same: to create optimum environmental conditions for any activity in the most energy-efficient way possible, it’s likely that individual applications and solutions will differ.

At Foster Environmental we understand that maintaining the correct temperature for your workforce should be a benefit, not a cost burden. We have the experience and expertise to design, implement and maintain the right solution for any air management application by understanding the science behind efficient and effective cooling.

The crucial calculations are based on understanding how air is heated, cooled and how it flows through buildings. The effect of heat sources, such as electrical equipment, sunlight and people and the way that conditioned cold and warm air moves are also key elements in planning an air management system.

In every industrial and commercial building those factors interact to create particular temperature and humidity levels. Our team takes the time to understand these interactions and uses the knowledge gained to meet the individual requirements of each customer. We work with each building’s unique infrastructure to create conditions that are ideal for use, from ensuring that employees have a comfortable environment to work in, to keeping computers and foodstuffs cold.