Constant business support

Many companies can sell and install an air con system but at Foster Environmental we take the time to understand your needs, consult and advise on the recommended heating and cooling solutions, before designing, supplying and installing an air management system that has your business’ specific requirements at its heart.

There are common questions that our engineers and customer services team encounter on a regular basis, such as: why does my business need air con? Are there cheaper ways to heat and cool my working environment? Isn’t it expensive to maintain an air conditioning system? What’s wrong with my current air management system? We have the experience and expertise to help you find the most appropriate answers for you and your business to those and more questions, regardless of what sector you operate in.

Air management done properly can provide a comfortable environment for people and optimum working conditions for equipment in the most energy-efficient way possible. Our approach means that you can look forward to improved performance and maximum cost savings through greater efficiency and reduced wastage.

The same is true for businesses who have not yet got round to installing air con and those whose current air management systems are dated. For example, the phase out of R22 refrigerant gasses, traditionally used in old air conditioning systems, is of growing importance.